Guardian Security services north East Ltd make available to your company a variety of manned solutions. We will bring a measured level of response after assessing the risk and threats and then work out a solution according to the finance available.

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Through our on site operatives we aim to create a safe working environment, be it a prestige office development or a busy industrial or construction site, where good working practice is encouraged and anti -social behaviour is prevented in the most cost effective manner.

The primary objectives of our staff will be:-
 - To control accesses to the site
 - To register all personnel entering and leaving your site
 - To check site integrity by regularly monitoring its boundaries
   and gates, vulnerable materials stores, offices and vehicle
These objectives will be achieved through routine patrolling, spot checks and surveillance measures



When only a minimal risk/ threat is identified a supervisors visit from one of our mobile patrol vehicles maybe all that is required. Details of any site activity can then be recorded in to our control room for further decision making.







The correct use of CCTV systems can be a valuable toll by greatly increasing the area protected by a security officer. These systems can vary from a one or two camera single monitor system to a multiple camera/ multi monitor operation. The Officer, trained in CCTV surveillance techniques, can observe several areas simultaneously and be in a position to prevent situations developing in to problems.





Officers assigned to reception duties fulfil all the duties expected of a trained receptionist while adding the trained perception of a security officer as well as the deterrent value provided by the uniformed guard.







All our guards are currently under going training for NOCN Level Two Award in Security Guarding (static and Patrol) in order to comply with the Security Industry Authorities Licensing Requirements for Security Guarding By March 2006.






Guardian Security Services North East Ltd are accredited to BSEN ISO 9001-2000 To supply Manned Guarding Services we are also members of the guild of master craftsmen for the supply and fitting of security equipment.